Aaron Beeken (Ad Dip Psy C. Dip CST. Cert Hyp CS. BA (Hons). PGCE. MNCS. Accred.)

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

64 Fane Road, Walton, Peterborough, PE4 6ES

Email: [email protected]

I am offering counselling and psychotherapy during the current Covid-19 pandemic. If would like to start therapy it would be an honour to work with you during these unprecedented times. For more information please email, call or text me using the contact details listed on this website.

Aaron Beeken ​Couns​elling

07835 127874

[email protected]

Welcome to Aaron Beeken Counselling

I work as a private personal counsellor and psychotherapist and belong as an accredited registrant member to the National Counselling Society. I also work as a hypnotherapist being a registrant to the National Hypnotherapy Society.

I offer short-term psychotherapeutic counselling and long-term 'open-ended' psychotherapy for individuals.  My office is based at my family home which is situated closely to Itter park in Walton, Peterborough.

My passion is for working with adults - in particular millennials - providing them space to explore, understand and gradually transform the many difficult, challenging and complex issues that they find themselves experiencing within course of their lives as people and as human-beings.

To arrange your first appointment I am happy for you to contact me and the best way to contact me is through sending me an email or a text message.

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