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Transactional Analysis (TA)

Developing Healthier Relationships, One Transaction at a Time

Transactional analysis is a type of psychotherapy that aims to help people understand and improve their relationships and behaviour. It is based on the idea that all human behaviour is a result of transactions, or interactions between people. Transactional analysis helps people understand the communication patterns and behaviours that are involved in their relationships and helps them to identify the ways in which they can change those patterns.

Explaining a concept

In transactional analysis, as a counsellor I aim to work with a person to assist them in identifying the underlying unconscious messages and scripts that drive their behaviour. This may involve exploring past experiences and examining the underlying beliefs and emotions that are associated with those experiences. When using a transactional analysis approach to psychotherapy, after this initial process of exploration, I then aim to assist the person in developing new, healthier scripts and behaviours that are better suited to their current situation and goals.

Transactional analysis also emphasises the importance of communication and helps people to develop their communication skills. This may involve teaching people how to identify and express their feelings and needs in a clear and assertive manner that is more 'adult-like'. Additionally, transactional analysis can help people to learn how to identify and respond to the underlying unconscious messages in their interactions with others.

Overall, transactional analysis is a powerful tool for helping people from a wide range of difference backgrounds to improve their relationships, develop healthy communication skills, and become more self-aware and self-confident.

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